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Aquiring Security applications, Security Firewalls, Security widgets, Security gizmos, outsourced security, etc, is simply counterproductive without a Plan. Not just any AdHoc plan, but an ISO 27001, NIST or FISMA, equavalent organizational data security, privacy, systems, proceedures, remediation, & training plan. One that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in your organisation's information risk management processes.



Once a standards based, data security framework customized to your company is defined, we then help to to initiate, implement, maintain, and manage information security ...and the technical components required by the plan... with your organization as a Co-Management partner. Employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology, we establish dynamic processes within your organization so that you understand your ongoing information security situation, potential risk profile, and execute prevention & mitigation actions by plan.



Defined controls in place that maintain system availability and reduce the risk of ulnerabilities being exploited Now cost-effective security is matched to actual business needs as a consistent approach to security has created uniform policies incorporating industry best practice. This increases overall IT systems reliability as well as all emploee etficencies enetrprise wide The Company and its senior executives dramatically reduce legal liability in the event of damages resulting from a data breech.


Nuveric is an expert Security as a Service (SECaaS) consulting and Managed Services provider delivering the complete Enterprise data security solution, rapidly and cost justifiably.

The Nuveric data security Platform provides a comprehensive, 2-Tier enterprise-grade solution that maximizes the safety of critically sensitive data assets, protects capital assets, and minimizes legal liability from damages that may occur due to data breech at a price point that is a fraction of complex alternatives.

Think about this:
What exactly are you protecting your organization from?

Data Theft?
Non-Compliance Penalties?
Legal Liability?

Our solution provides customized creation and ongoing execution of globally accepted information systems security best practice frameworks tailored to the reasonable requirements of each of our customers. Readily scaling to your organization today and as you grow, the Nuveric data security methodology offers significant mitigation to the real threat of data theft, cost-effective and rapid adherence to compliance, Security Operations Center (SoC) monitoring services and peace of mind.


Enterprise Security Plan Advantages

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Automated & Rapid compliance best practice

‘The Plan’, commonly referred to as the Information Security Management System (ISMS). Nuveric’s asset-based solution gives our customers the freedom to choose the specific ISMS features and functionality they need to formulate a legally defensible and ‘reasonable’ data security policy that is value driven and compliance aware.

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Ensure compliance

Our Cloud Hosted information security management workflow system enables your entire company with the quick creation of a custom ISMS plan and ongoing efficient management of IT risks and compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001, FISMA, FedRamp, NIST, SarbOX, HIPPA, and others.

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Integrates Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance

Recovery plans that aren’t appropriately maintained, can give your organization a false sense of security when disaster and data loss threaten. Your ISMS framework includes DR/BC, and must be periodically reviewed and auditable.

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Embeds continuous improvement organization-wide

Nuveric’s ISMS is more than a security plan, it is a platform for continuous improvement into the very fabric of the organization. The kind that produces real, transformational changes that can generate untold new opportunities.

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Formalizes the asset inventory for security and fiduciary review

Your ISMS policy establishes guidelines regarding company inventory definitions and classifications. This policy establishes appropriate review, notification, and signature by executives and legal counsel.

Odds are overwhelming that your company has already been hacked.

FBI Director James Comey has publically stated several times; “There are two types of companies in the US, those that know they’ve been hacked, and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked.” It’s just a matter of time as to when the criminals get around to monetizing your data. When they do, damages can result on many different levels.

Without actionable, accountable, industry standard security policies in place, your organization can be deemed as legally “negligent” when damages from data breech occurs. As we all have seen, this will likely lead to lawsuits, terminations, agency consequences and loss of company value.


Benefits of a working Plan

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Reduce risk of incidents

Proficient and proactive data security strategies begin with an in depth understanding of how a organization currently operates, where the vulnerabilities are, and how best to integrate a non-disruptive systematized approach to data security.

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Entire organizational commitment

Empower each employee with the understanding and responsibility of the importance of secure data management. Both to them as individuals, and your firm’s health and wellbeing as a whole.

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Security Purchases defined by actual need, not conjecture

Knowing what data you have, where it resides, its actual value, and what levels of protection are required to keep the data both confidential and safe from loss defines Capital outlay decisions based on quantifiable intelligence reduce cost.

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Protects the value of IT investments

Executives responsible for IT must have business measures against which their value can be assessed and against which performance measures can be developed to ensure that they achieve that value. Our ISMS includes metrics that help determine IT in business terms, and how best to secure it.

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Cut Business Insurance cost

Accepted ISMS plans evolving along with the threat environment. Insurance companies are now understanding that this reduces an insured risk profile, and thus will tend to discount premiums for Cyber Liability insurance.


Complete, Rapid, System-Wide ISMS Implementation

Execution that minimizes time and cost
Expertise that mitigates risk and legal liability

At the core of the Nuveric Platform solution is our non-invasive, non-disruptive cloud-based management framework that provides for accelerated end-to-end collaboration of the entire data security solution ISMS stack.

This integration enables the entire solution to be perpetually managed, audited, and updated from a single location.

Our Cloud Hosted information security management workflow system enables your entire company with quick creation of a custom ISMS plan and ongoing efficient management of IT risks and compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001, FISMA, FedRamp, NIST, SarbOX, HIPPA, and others.


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Institutionalizing the Security culture works!

Defensibility in data loss event - Referencing decision making to an independent standard and valid risk assessment means the organization can affirmatively defend and justify its choices to management, customers and regulators.

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Assist external financial auditors and simplifies the audit process

Your ISMS plan is a living organizational security policy document that integrates into, and conforms to your company’s unique industry standards. This plan is designed to be fully auditable as needed, and flexible in real-time to conform to compliance needs.

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Reduces reputation risk

Your company’s reputation management is inextricably linked with its risk management and crisis management. Predefined effective response plans and teams can minimize reputation damage when threatening events occur.

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Leverage accepted Security Framework alignment as competitive advantage - deciding sales differentiator

Maintain high assurance that required policies, documentation, and procedures meet compliance standards. Demonstrate to sophisticated customers privacy and security dedication and resolve. Effectively manage risk by integrating security into current and future compliance requirements.

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Prompt detection of data leakage and fast reaction

Most vulnerabilities are unintentionally created by workers. Security weaknesses within the employee population are continually addressed, therefore your organization will be much less likely to become a victim of data leakage.

A tale of two data breaches … and their legal outcomes:

October 2014: A federal district court in New Jersey dismissed with prejudice a shareholder derivative suit, Palkon v. Holmes, that tried to blame the directors and officers at hospitality company Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (“Wyndham”) for a series of data breaches. The court’s decision is notable because it illustrates some of the steps that directors and officers can take to help shield themselves from liability in cybersecurity litigation.

Between April 2008 and January 2010, Wyndham suffered three data breaches that resulted in the theft of over 600,000 customers’ credit-card information. Plaintiff Palkon alleged, on behalf of a purported shareholder class, that the directors, the President/CEO, and the General Counsel of Wyndham had breached their fiduciary duties of care and loyalty to the company, and wasted corporate assets, by (i) failing to implement a system of internal controls to protect customers’ personal and financial information, and (ii) causing or allowing the company to conceal the data breaches from investors.

The court concluded that the board’s demand refusal was protected by the business judgment rule because of the board’s responses to the plaintiff’s demand letter, to an earlier demand letter from another shareholder, and to an earlier investigation and litigation by the FTC. The board held 14 quarterly meetings in which it discussed the cyberattacks, company security policies, and proposed security enhancements. The board appointed the Audit Committee to investigate the breaches, and that committee met at least 16 times to review cybersecurity. The company also hired a technology firm to recommend security enhancements, which the company had begun to implement. Even before the first security breach, the company had cybersecurity measures in place that had been discussed numerous times by the board. Thus, the board was well-versed in the issues when it rejected the plaintiff’s demand, and the plaintiff could not plead facts suggesting gross negligence by the board.

In a complaint released Thursday, the FTC alleged that TJX, which operates T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, A.J. Wright and Bob's Stores, failed to use reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information on its computer networks.

The case stems from an unauthorized intrusion between July and November 2005 into TJX's computer system, which processes and stores information related to customer transactions. Computer hackers accessed personal and financial information of shoppers stored by TJX. That information was later used to make fraudulent purchases.

The FTC alleged the breach compromised tens of millions of payment cards, as well as the personal information of about 455,000 consumers who made returns without a receipt.

In its complaint, the FTC said that TJX created an unnecessary risk to personal information by storing it on, and transmitting it between and within, its various computer networks in clear text.

The retailer was also accused of not using readily available security measures to limit wireless access to its networks and of not requiring network administrators and others to use strong or different passwords to access different programs, computers and networks.

The settlement, which was approved 5-0 by the commission, also requires TJX to designate employees to coordinate and be accountable for its information security program. It also must identify internal and external security risks and assess the sufficiency of any safeguards in place to control these risks. TJX has already reached a settlement with consumer plaintiffs in that litigation. Eight of the banking plaintiffs have also settled with TJX.

Data Protectionist culture - the ongoing function of a ‘Secure’ Enterprise

Ongoing information security is the foundation of the Nuveric Platform solution. Your ISMS plan is a living organizational document that integrates into, and conforms to your company’s culture, customs, and attitudes - giving senior leadership and each employee the power to understand the importance of secure data management. Both to them as individuals, and your firms health and well being as a whole.

Information Assets
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Threats are perpetual. Nuveric assist in establishing a constant defense posture that minimizes risk.

“By now, the message should be clear: companies that store sensitive information of any type have a legal responsibility to keep it secure,” said FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras. “Information security is a priority for the FTC, as it should be for every business in America.”

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